Saturday, March 22, 2008

Boys 2 Men

I have to say, I am quite surprised and pleased with the boys this weekend. For those of you who know my boys, their style of dress is quite casual. Typical wardrobe for Palmer and Aidan consists of jeans, cargo pants (especially those annoying ones with the zip-off bottoms that always get lost), t-shirts, t-shirts, more t-shirts, and hoodies. Logan can usually be seen wearing jean or cords, and would be in his glory if he could wear his Miami Dolphins jersey every day. Since I learned the hard way (from a giant bag of barely-used shoes in my cellar) that dress shoes for boys are a waste of money, they each own 2 pairs of Vans, and, with the exception of their snow boots, that's it. Black Vans, that go with everything. Well, except for Palmer's one pair of checkerboard slip-ons with the lime green snakes on them. But you get the idea.

Dress up occasions are reserved for two days a year: Christmas and Easter. Christmas garb has no limits, and in the past has just been anything I can find to match, so they'll all look alike in their picutres. But on Easter, we actually go to church, so we tend to get a bit fancier. As toddlers, Palmer and Aidan would usually rock the same type of outfit every Easter: khaki shorts with some type of polo, or perhaps a t-shirt and sweater vest. Got to love a little boy in a sweater vest. In fact, while in Target the other day, Logan gravitated toward a handsome set with plaid shorts, a long-sleeve white button-down, and a sweater vest. It's just a shame that his big, square head has gotten too big for his Scali cap. Sweet. Two down, two to go.
I told Palmer and Aidan I would take them Easter shopping a Khol's. Figured they'd want some of the cool plaid Union Bay shorts and matching polos. But no...
Palmer: "Can I get a tux?"
Me: "A tux?!?!"
Palmer: "No, I mean a suit"
Me: "I'll see what we can find. Suits can be expensive"
Aidan: "I want a suit too."

It gave me warm fuzzies. Here were two little boys who think every day is casual Friday, wanting the dressiest clothes we can buy. I can't believe they're becoming so mature. Our shopping trip proved fruitful: although we didn't purchase a full suit for either one, Palmer selected some chic grey slacks with a pleated front, a black leather belt, and a pink (his favorite color) button-down shirt with a pink and blue striped tie. Aidan (of all people), chose a "suit" with black pants, a sky blue button-down shirt, a yellow and blue tie, and houndstooth vest. They look so handsome!

They will be wearing them with their Vans. I told Palmer that under no circumstances will the snake shoes be worn.

On the flip side:
This is my first Easter with a little girl. Yes!!! Froo-froo dress!! Yesssss!!! Easter bonnet! Yess!!! Fancy little shoes!!
Not being uber-feminine myself, it sometimes surprises me how much I love dressing up my daughter and buying little girl clothes. I had to restrain myself at Khol's and only buy one sundress with a matching bonnet off of the sale rack. My theory: I need to do this to keep her from being the ultimate tomboy. The way I see it, if I force frilly, girly stuff down her throat, and her brothers force trucks, football, aliens, and wrestling down her throat, I'll all be digested together and we'll reach a happy medium. Right?