Wednesday, July 9, 2008

A-Camping We Will Go...

I can hardly contain my excitement! Our camping trip is less than a month away!

This is our first time tenting it. We've outgrown the 4-man cabin, and really don't desire to pay twice as much for the 8-man cabin (even if it does have a kitchen and air conditioning; what kind of camping is that anyway?) So, we'll be pitching an 8-man tent on a site with nothing more than a water faucet, an electric hookup, a picnic table, and fire pit.

I can't think of a better vacation for a large family of widely spaced children. We can do everything or nothing. We're going to be staying at Lake George Escape Resort. There is so much to do on and off the campground. I can take Logan to the playground. Dori and I can relax by the lake while the boys go fishing. Palmer and Aidan can explore around the site, or ride their bikes. Pieman and I can enjoy a bottle of wine in the hammock by the campfire, after the kids go to bed. Ahhhh...

Our tent is awesome. It has 2-3 rooms. One of them is a screen porch, where we can eat breakfast or play cards or read a book. The main part of the tent has a divider, so we can put the boys on one side, and we can have our "own room", with the baby. We also got an airmatress (because we are getting too old to sleep on the ground. :(

One activity we have planned is Geocaching! I have friends that do it, and I've been dying to try! We got a GPS for Christmas this past year, and I've already started plugging in coordinates. We did try a local cache this past weekend, but sadly couldn't find it. Turns out that the cache has been missing for over a month. But we're going to try a few others on Friday, there are TONS hidden here in town! I want to get good at this before we try in the Adirondacks!

Stay tuned; I will make sure to post lots of pictures of our trip!

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